The online Spanish classes for adults that you were looking for!

Learn Spanish in Conecta en español is perfect for you if:

You prefer to learn individually and make the most of your time in class. 

You want to learn at your own pace and have a customized planning according to your goals and necessities. 

Your schedule changes every week and you haven’t found any course or teacher adapted to your situation until now. 

You want to improve your fluency in Spanish and gain confidence in yourself speaking with natives. 

You want to be in a relaxed and warm atmosphere while you are learning: empathy and good vibes will be essential in our classes! 

You want to pass the DELE exam and prepare yourself for it with a teacher who is an official examiner and has taken part in these exams. 

This is me, your Spanish teacher!

Hi! My name is Ana and I am your new Spanish teacher. I have a Degree in Spanish Language and Literature and I am a DELE examiner, accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. My mission is to guide you and walk with you through this exciting journey of learning Spanish. Why should you learn Spanish with me? If you want to know more about me, click here.

How can I help you?


I am ready to help you so that your Spanish level will improve considerably and you will be able to study successfully at University or studying for a Master's in Spain. 

Do you need an internationally recognized and official Spanish language certificate for studying at University or for working? Then, this is your course! 


I can help you to improve your confidence effectively when speaking Spanish with natives. 

Are you living in Spain? Do you want to speak more fluently and communicate effectively with natives? Do you need to improve your Spanish due to your job or because you are studying at a Spanish University? Then this is your place! 

Do you want to know what my students think about my classes?


“Ana’s lessons have helped me a lot to improve my Spanish skills. We’ve had multiple great conversations! I have learned many new words and grammar too. I really appreciate her professional competence and she’s wonderful as a person and as a teacher. I see that Ana is in the right profession for her. I can recommend the lessons 100%!”



“Ana is a wonderful teacher, with a structured method of giving classes, including lots of verbal communication. She also listens to the students and their needs, pays special attention to the errors, takes time to explain the errors and is very attentive and positive. I am very happy to be her student and I highly recommend Ana to everyone who wants to improve their Spanish skills and feel comfortable and confident to speak more fluently and write with almost zero errors!” (General Spanish Course)



“I enjoy the classes with Ana very much. She is a very hardworking and conscientious teacher. She also works a lot on her Spanish materials and presents the grammar meticulously. Finally, she is always in good spirits and is a good conversationalist” (General Spanish Course)



“Ana is a very good teacher. Her classes are very enjoyable, with different topics like Spanish geography and culture, Spanish cuisine, sports, etc. You can choose the topics and Ana creates a customized class for you. She has always adapted to my Spanish level and she has the patience of an angel with my grammar mistakes” (Conversation classes & Spanish General Course)



“The classes with Ana are interesting and they have a good structure/ they are very organized. Each class has its own subject and the teacher makes the conversation easier. Ana is punctual and she knows how to explain if it’s necessary. I couldn’t be more satisfied” (Conversation classes)



“I enjoy my conversation classes with Ana and she is helping me to speak better in Spanish. Ana plans some topics and interesting activities and I am learning about Spanish culture. Ana has a lot of experience teaching and she is an excellent teacher” ( Conversation classes)


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