Terms and conditions

If you have bought a single lesson, a pack of 5 or 10 individual classes or a DELE course in conectaenespanol.com, you agree to the terms and conditions as detailed below:

Methods and options for payments

The lessons must be paid in advance in euros (€).

There are two payment methods available:

  1. By bank transfer to the following bank account number ES58 0182 0481 6602 0172 2252, BIC/SWIFT code: BBVAESMMXXX. The student will be responsible for possible commissions for this transaction. However, if you are a citizen of the European Union or the SEPA zone, you do not usually have to pay these commissions. If you have a different foreign currency, please check the commission before you make a payment. 
  2. By a purchase link on Stripe (only for customers not in the EU or SEPA area). When you proceed to make the payment, you will be able to view the different payment options (with credit card, Bancontact, EPS, Apple Pay, etc.). You will be required to enter your email address, full name, and current address.

The payment must be made, at the latest, 24 hours before the scheduled class. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the spot or available time to the student. Lesson prices may increase more than once a year.

Pack of classes and reimbursement

Once a complete course or package of classes is contracted, the withdrawal or cancellation of the same is not allowed. The money of the order made will be reimbursed ONLY in case of force majeure that prevents the student from accepting the contracted service, being the student who assumes the possible expenses of the refund.

If you buy a pack of classes, remember that they have an end date of use. In general, you have 40 days for your pack of 5 classes and 60 days for your pack of 10 classes. The same happens with the complete courses, both the complete DELE B1 course and the complete DELE B2 course have a validity period of 3 months from the date of purchase. Keep this in mind to use your classes before the deadline. 

*There won’t be any reimbursement if you don’t use the complete pack of classes, except in special circumstances like serious illness. In that case, the student will pay the possible reimbursement commissions.

Cancellations and delays

If the student cancels the lesson 

If you have to cancel a lesson, please do it as soon as possible to make it easier for your teacher to reorganize her schedule. You can cancel a lesson maximum 24 hours before your scheduled class. If you don't cancel it with enough time or you don’t show up without notice, you have lost that lesson. 

If you need to cancel a class, you must inform your teacher by your usual contact email. Write in the subject: “cancel a lesson”, to prioritize your email. 

If you cancel the lesson with enough time, there won’t be any penalization and we can change the lesson to another day, although the agreed date will depend on your teacher´s availability. You can only cancel one lesson if you buy a 5 classes pack and 2 classes if you buy a 10 classes pack. For single lessons, you can only cancel two lessons per month. 

If you buy a class package and it coincides with your teacher's vacation period, those days will not be deducted from the validity period of your class package.

*This class cancellation policy also applies in case of student illness, except in exceptional cases of prolonged illness or serious accident that prevents the students from attending classes. In this case, it is recommended to request the refund.

 If the teacher cancels the lesson 

Like the student, the teacher can cancel a lesson 24 hours before your scheduled class, because of a force majeure. If she doesn’t write you an email to inform you before the 24h hours previous to your scheduled class, due to a force majeure reason, the teacher agrees to reschedule the class as quickly as possible. 

If the student is late 

If the student is late, the teacher will wait for you for 10 minutes as a courtesy. Nevertheless, if you are more than 10 minutes late, the class can be cancelled and there won’t be any reimbursement. In the event that the student arrives more than ten minutes late, and still decides to give the class, it will end at the previously scheduled time.

*The teacher will have room to manoeuvre 15 minutes between classes for unexpected events, but if you are late more than 5 minutes it is possible that after your lesson there might be another one, that's why it would be impossible to start your own lesson at that moment. 

Use of technology

To guarantee a stable connection for your online classes, you will need: 

  • A computer or laptop with an Intel Pentium I3 processor (CPU) - A computer with an, at least, Intel Pentium I3 processor at 1.8 GHz speed. 
  • A graphics card (GPU) of at least 512 MB of RAM. 
  • A 1.5 Mbps upload/download connection speed (you can check your connection speed at https://openspeedtest.com/).
  • A minimum 720p resolution webcam, speakers, and microphone with good sound quality. 

It is a student's responsibility to check the technical requirements on his/her informatic equipment before buying any course or single lesson in this website, besides having a stable connection to the Internet. That's why there won’t be any reimbursement for technical reasons under any circumstances. 

We will use Zoom for our virtual classes. You can download Zoom in the following link: https://zoom.us/download. Your teacher will send you a link to join the meeting 10 or 15 minutes before your scheduled class.

Recording classes 

The student is NOT ALLOWED TO RECORD THE CLASSES, just as its spreading to others by Internet, social networks or by email. 

Only in the case of DELE courses, the teacher may record the oral expression and interaction tests for educational purposes, always with the student's permission. This material will be exclusive to the student and the teacher and cannot be shared with third parties or publicly displayed on the internet or other media.

Digital resources: Terms of use 

All the digital resources will be used in the following ways: 

The teacher reserves the right to share or not these digital resources with the student. In many cases, the student will be only a reader of them in Google Drive

In the case of sharing digital resources with the student, these resources could be printed or saved by the student who has received them, but they can’t be shared with other students or sold to third parties. 

▪ A lot of digital resources can include pictures or other works with copyright, but they are used only for educational purposes, so they can’t be shared or sold to third parties. 

Class schedule 

Usually you could book your class from 9h to 18h (GMT+1), except between 13h and 15h (lunchtime in Spain) from Monday to Friday. However, if you are not available in this schedule we could talk and come to an agreement. 

Exceptionally, classes will be held on Saturdays, only for DELE courses on dates close to the exams and in case of high demand on those dates.

Holidays in Spain and Andalusia 

The student will be informed in advance if the teacher has holidays in festivities like Holy Week, summertime or Christmas, among others. In addition to these festivities, in Spain we have some public holidays where we don’t have classes: 

  • 1st of January - New Year
  • 6 of January - Three Kings Day
  • 28 of February – Andalusia Day
  • 28 of March – Maundy Thursday (Holy Week)
  • 29 of March – Good Friday (Holy Week)
  • 1st of May – International Workers Day
  • 15 of August - Assumption of Mary
  • 29 of September- St Michael's Day (patron saint of Torremolinos)
  • 12 of October- National Day of Spain
  • 1st of November- All Saints’ Day
  • 6 of December- Constitution Day in Spain
  • 8 of December- The Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  • 25 of December- Christmas 

Change of terms of use 

The terms of use can change at any moment. The student has the responsibility to verify, every now and then, if these terms of use have been modified.

Contact information 

If you have any doubt or question you can always contact me in info@conectaenespanol.com. 

Conecta en español

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