Spanish general courses

Spanish general courses (from A1 to B2)

These Spanish courses are perfect for you if you want to reach one of these levels and work on the four language skills in depth: 

Oral skills


          Listening comprehension

          Reading comprehension

How long does the course last?

Each course is intended to be completed in about 80-100 hours, but it will depend on your learning pace and your personal as well as academic goals. 

Teaching methodology

We will use the student´s book as a guide and a communicative language teaching approach. In this way, you will start speaking from the beginning, no matter your level. In addition to the student´s book, we will use a wide variety of teaching materials and interactive activities.

What is included in the price of this course?

1-hour classes.

Access to the class schedule, so you can check what we will do in our next class and what language skills and grammatical, lexical, and cultural content we will work on.

Extra files in a shared folder for increasing and consolidating the student’s book contents.

Access to he most important vocabulary from each class in a shared document.

Correction of homework, also outside class hours.

The main student's book. 

What teaching materials will be used during the course? 

We will usually use a student’s book, which is not mandatory for you to purchase. Additionally, you will have many extra documents to practice and increase your knowledge without any extra cost, shared through a Google Drive folder.

Spanish general course
145 €
1h classes
Package of 5 classes
Spanish general course
270 €
1h classes
Package of 10 classes

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