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Preparation course for the DELE B1 and DELE B2

DELE course


Before you are signing up for any DELE course, you have to book a trial class. You can find a button on this page where you can read: “Book a free trial class!”. Fill in the form and press “enter”. I will answer you during the next 24 hours to arrange this first class.
If you only need a single class to revise the exam, it is enough if you start one week before your DELE exam. If you are interested in the entire course, I recommend you start 5 weeks before your DELE exam.
In the trial class we will do a mock exam of the Oral Expression and Interaction part of a sample DELE exam. This will allow me to check if your level is enough to take that exam. Finally, I will explain to you all about the DELE course you are going to buy, and I will answer all your doubts.
In the DELE B1-B2 courses, we will use the first class to introduce you to each part of the exam and, the following classes, we will practice with a complete sample exam each class, but this will depend on your learning pace. During the classes we will practice, principally, the skills of Written Expression and Interaction and Oral Expression and Interaction. You will practice the other skills (Reading Comprehension Test and Listening Comprehension) on your own, and I will answer your questions in case you have any doubt.
We will practice with a sample exam in each class, so there isn’t any difference. However, the more you practice the better you will know how to do the exam, and better grade you will get in the DELE exam.
There are specific books for preparing for the DELE exam. You can buy them in paper or digital versions, as you prefer.
I will send you the paper and digital versions purchase links. *If you have any problem ordering the digital version, please write me to
Because you can be completely calm with a qualified and experienced teacher:
I have a Degree in Spanish language and Literature since 2011 (University of Málaga).
I have a Master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a Second Language since 2016 (University of Málaga).
I have years of experience as a Spanish teacher face to face, and now, also online.
I know DELE exams well considering that I have been a DELE examiner since 2018 from all levels and I have taken part of these exams as support personnel and examiner in many calls in 2018 and 2019.
I have prepared many students successfully for the DELE exam.
I am currently teaching B1 and B2 levels. If you are interested in preparing for a different DELE exam level, please feel free to send me an email at